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and what we do

Giving local people the opportunity to grow their own fruit and vegetables, be part of a community.

In today's tough economic climate - one of the most obvious benefits of working an Allotment Plot is to enable individuals to grow vegetables and fruit from seed - low cost and nutritious food. Not only this, but Allotments also provide valuable recreational opportunities - healthy outdoor activity, new friendships and a chance to relax and unwind from life's stresses. Allotments also provide valuable habitats for many forms of wildlife - of which we have many at St David's.

Why the community needs us

In the area of St David's in Kingsthorpe and other area's of Northampton there is an increasing proportion of residents that have no gardens and an allotment is an area where they can come out into the open air, produce a worthwhile end product and give children the opportunity to run about and meet others.Hopefully these children will be the plot holders of the future.

Our impact on the community

In the past three years the number of plot holders has increased from 50 to 161 with 36 more on our waiting list. Areas have been cleared during this time which has resulted in the larger number of plots being available and in the next few months with the help of the local council another wild area of ground will be cleared which will enable the site to increase its population to 190.

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